The OMICRON is the primary variant in the United States, the infection rates in the US are soaring. EVEN IF YOU HAVE BEEN FULLY VACCINATED YOU CAN STILL CARRY AND SPREAD COVID-19. The current situation in certain parts of the nation is dire with hospital emergency rooms filled to capacity. Are you looking for a way to help you, your family and friends and community at large? There is a simple non-evasive test that you can take that will help halt the spread by determining if you are carrying the virus.

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Why Universal Screening

The CDC reports that over 40% of COVID-19 carriers are asymptomatic (meaning they have no symptoms like high fever, cough or shortness of breath). THOSE PEOPLE WHO HAVE BEEN FULLY VACCINATED ARE LIVING WITH A FALSE SENSE OF SECURITY THAT ALL IS WELL. Meanwhile there ARE those in your community that have the virus and don’t even know it putting others at RISK. Taking temperatures doesn’t work as a preventative process, by the time a person has a a high temperature its too late. And most of these carriers of the Delta variant are asymtomatic anyway. The current RAPID Covid-19 antibody test is flawed and is showing as much as 50% false positives. Periodic PCR screening of your universal population is the only way to mitigate the effects of the virus on your population.


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